ltlm pellet

The LTLM Pellet: Indoor Training Champion

For precision drills where distance isn't crucial, the LTLM Pellet delivers unbeatable performance at an economical price...

Ideal for:

  • Indoor shooting ranges
  • Short-range training drills
  • Volume shooting practice


  • Lightweight and compact: The LTLM's shorter length provides exceptional maneuverability, perfect for honing your skills in confined spaces.
  • Cost-effective: Train more efficiently with a payload that prioritizes affordability without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Accurate up to 50 meters: Achieve consistent results at close to medium range thanks to the LTLM's superior precision.
  • High volume: Fuel your training sessions with the LTLM's generous payload capacity.

The LTLM Pellet is the perfect choice for shooters who prioritize affordability, precision, and versatility within indoor environments.